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Enthusiastic Syringe

Attempts to help!

Syringe Draws Active Insulin Crystals

But can't quite manage it!

Syringe attempts to draw active insulin crystals

[cwvm155-wrongscuse.jpg] Syringe tries to draw active insulin crystals

Parts List

Syringes always try to help!

Insulin syringes are among the most loving creatures on Earth. They love to get under your skin. Or under your dog's skin. Or under your cat's skin.

This syringe is just a bit in a hurry. He REALLY wants to draw up insulin so he can get under skin and deliver the goods.

However, in his haste, he is making an error. Somehow, I think he copies Humans who are in a Hurry To Help. After all, Insulin Syringes, like any other truly loving creatures, tend to copy their Human Caretakers.

Active Insulin Hurries to Fix The Problem

It would be extremely dangerous for a dog or cat to receve an injection of biologically-active insulin crystals. They would NOT do the intended job; they cannot work properly until they are Suspended in Suspension.

Therefore, Active Insulin MUST make haste. So he is rather blunt with Insulin Syringe.

He reminds me of Carol, who is sometimes similarly blunt, though she tries not to be.

But in urgent circumstances, perhaps bluntness is better than slowness.

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