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Some Humans Fear Spiders


Vekkie has a word with CarSisters

Vekkie reminds CarSisters some folks fear spiders

[cw9294-vteachspid.jpg] Some folks might fear this BoogieBrush

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CarSisters are Enthusiastic, But!

Like any other group who loves helping others, the CarSisters retain child-like enthsiasim for their work. They love providing BoogieBrushes for dogs, or even cats, too! who could use the sweetest, gentlest, most lively yet soothing brushing of all.

The CarSisters are also natural BoogieWoogie-ers. They love to Boogie; they love to Woogie; they love to BoogieWoogie.

Vekkie never shirks her job

Vekkie shares with the CarSisters this child-like enthusiasm. Perhaps because she is not herself part of the BoogieBrush, she is able to retain some perspective.

Always sensitive to the needs of any creature, then, Vekkie reminds the CarSisters that some folks fear spiders.

Since dogs, and cats too, are as much family as any other sort of folk, they get equal consideration.

Not too many dogs or cats actually fear spiders, but if the human wielding the brush does, the BoogieBrush might work better, oddly enough, without the CarSisters helping out.

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