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Vekkie, Kwali and Kumbi Ramble On

In their favorite Ramble-Forest

Sage Kwali and Questor Kumbi

Ramble on with Vekkie

What if it's not Salt?

What if it's Sugar? Or what if it's insulin? It seems to be in a container that looks a lot like one that holds insulin. Use your browser's Back button to come back here if you go there.

Oh; you're right,Kumbi; Vekkie's SALT container does look like that insulin container. Except the insulin-container doesn't have a handle on it.

I don't have a handle on it, either, Kwali.

Well, I have a handle on it. I have a handle on most things. Even though I'm not that much of an expert.

Vekkie, you are more of an expert than you realize. But I think I'm going nuts here. Sometimes I can't quite follow your elaborate puns, Vekkie.

That's okay, Kwali. Sometimes I can't follow yours, either! You and Kumbi are experts at making complications out of human-language.

Vekkie, you're doing it again! All these non-sequiturs can really get to me sometimes. Mr. Thouless would have a ball with this chat.


Vekkie - Kwali and I occasionally re-read portions of his book Straight and Crooked Thinking. It's an Oldie but Goodie.

Yes; it really is! For instance, Thouless would have made a hash, Kumbi, of your saying that I fell in the ditch and got wet later. This is NOW that we're talking. Not later. You can't know NOW that I fell in the ditch months later. Which I did, And I got wet, too. That was after my stroke.

Well, now you're doing it too, Kwali! Describing the future as though it were the past.

Okay; you're right, Kumbi. But if we didn't have a past, we wouldn't have a future.

Well, I'm the Sentry; you're the Tracker. You follow scents, and you can make scents, too, so why aren't you making sense now?

Same reason you're not making scents now. You're too busy playing. Kumbi, you'd better identify this wonderful Thouless book, so other people can use it too.

Yes, Kumbi, please do that. It would be a wonderful aid to sorting out nonsense encountered on some web sites, or in some posts to email lists.

As if this weren't all nonsense; ha!

Well, so it would. It's by Robert H. Thouless: Straight and Crooked Thinking. Pan Books, London and Sydney, 1974. It's so old it doesn't even have an ISBN number.

Does too have an ISBN number, Kumbi; you just can't see it because you're almost completely blind. The ISBN number is 0 330 24127 3.

Well, I wasn't born yet. Neither were you, Kwali.

Doesn't matter, Kumbi. It's a really good book.

So it is, Kwali. For instance, Vekkie, Thouless would have noticed you were apologizing to Kwali - for her failure to understand your little games! If you weren't such a true sweet-heart, and such a great games-player (same as we are), I'd think the less of you for that! Of course, being a Scentry, I take my scents seriously. Kwali, the Tracker in the family, follows them. Sometimes makes scense, too.

Oh; Kumbi, how you do go on. I do, too. But I think Kate has something else really interesting to say. I want to hear it. It's about Camellias in the Wrong Place.

Me too; I want to hear it! Do tell us The Camellia Story, Kate.

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