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King Boo Boo Bravo Bravito


The King joins

Sage Kwali. Questor Kumbi
and Doctor (yeah, right) Vekkie
in DeBunk

First draft, Saturday, 19 July 2008; 22:26

King Boo Boo Bravo Bravito joins Vekkie, Kwali and Kumbi in DeBunk

[cw4392-vkbbdebunk.jpg] King Boo Boo, Vekkie,
Kwali and Kumbi in DeBunk

The King DeBunks With Cast and Characters

Vekkie Puts Her Head to Good Use

Copyright © 2008, by King Boo Boo Bravo Bravito, Kwali, Kumbi, and Vekkie.
Used with permission.

I say, Vekkie; can you hear me, down there?

Sure, King Boo Boo Bravo Bravito. I can hear you just fine. After all, you seem to hold privileged access to my hearing at the moment.

Why, so I do! I'm glad you can hear me.

Since you're sitting on my ears, it's lucky you have that privileged access, or I'd probably have trouble hearing you.

Well, Doctor Vekkie, thanks for letting me sit on your ears. It seems to be the most comfortable postion I can find right now. this dratted cast is really bugging me. It's so bad I've been trying to eat it off.

Well, don't eat it off, King Boo Boo Bravo Bravito, because it is helping heal your broken foot!

I know, Doctor Vekkie, but I can't help it! It hurts!

If I were a real Doctor, and not just dressed up like one, I'd take the cast off for you, and put something else on instead, if needed.

Vekkie; you're not a real doctor? Not a veterinarian?

Sorry, King Boo Boo. I'm not. This is just a costume. Except for the shirt. I had nothing to do with the shirt. It just appeared on me one day.

Oh. How did that happen?

It's a bit of a long story, but you can see my shirt here. Use your Back button to come back here if you go there. And you can see when I put my pants on here. Use your Back button to come back here if you go there.

Gosh! Back and forth; back and forth; what a boing-boing! Something like me when I jump up on my Humans. But Vekkie, I don't have a Back Button. I only have a Belly Button. I see you have one, too; it even shows.

Not in THIS picture; it's out of the picture here. You can see it in this one. Use your Back Button to come back here if you go there. And my belly-button only shows when I'm wearing clothes. I don't wear clothes that often. I see you don't, either, except maybe for a collar and a cast. I can't see your belly-button, either.

I just went and looked where you pointed me, Vekkie. In the first one, you're wearing a shirt, but no pants, and no lab coat. In the second one, you're wearing pants, but no lab coat. And your belly-button only shows in the third one.

Right. I heard a rumor people were nattering away about me wearing a shirt. They never NOTICED I wasn't wearing pants till the shirt appeared. I couldn't help the shirt; it just showed up on me.

Oh. Is THAT why you're all dressed up? With pants? And a lab coat, no less!

That's partly why. The pants, anyway. The lab coat is another story.

Tell me the story!

I'll tell you the story, King Boo Boo. I saw it all happen. I see everything. I'm called Sage Kwali for a reason.

That's right! And I'm called Questor Kumbi for a reason, too. I'm always on Quests, and I'm always Asking Questions.

Why, so you are, dear Kumbi. Do you want to tell the story? After all, you led me to it, being the Questor you are.

Okay, Kwali. Okay, King Boo Boo Bravo Bravito. I'll tell you the story. It happened like this.

Like what?

Tell it straight, Kumbi. No fibbing!

I never fib, Vekkie. Well, I can sometimes tell a tall story. But I'll tell this one straight. I think The King needs it straight; don't you?

Yes, Kumbi; tell it straight.

Okay, Kwali; here goes. Our buddy and mentor and Deus ex Machina Vekkie borrowed the lab coat. She did that for a reason. She had to look the part, so she could also borrow the stethoscope, so you, King Boo Boo Bravo Bravito, could sit on her head and still talk to her and she could hear you.

Oh. You mean, if I sit up here and talk to Vekkie she can't hear me without the stethoscope?

She might, but it would probably be more difficult.

Kwali, even though I'm in DeLowerBunk, this is my story, and even though you're in DeUpperBunk, and even though you saw the whole thing, so did I, and I led you there, so this is my story.

Why, so it is, dear Kumbi, so go ahead!

Well, I think I just did. It was simple, really. Vekkie just walked into the back of the clinic, put on the lab coat that was hanging on a Skyhook, and then she borrowed the stethoscope. She looked the part, so it was easy.

Right, Kumbi. Right on. Nicely told.

I can tell a good story, if I say so myself.

Yes; Kumbi; you can.

Thanks, Kwali

Thanks for your story, Kumbi. I appreciate it. Now, who will help me with this dratted cast?

If it were merely a cast of characters, we could all melt away, and leave you castless. But I'm afraid that looks like a plaster, or at least, a fiberglass, cast. Can't just melt it away.

I think you're right, Kwali. It can't just be melted away. Tell you what, King Boo Boo Bravo Bravito. Ask your HumanMum to take you to your vet. Sorry I'm not a real vet. But your real vet is real. They can take that thing off for you.

Okay; I'll ask them to take me. Thanks, Doctor Vekkie! And thanks, Kwali, and Kumbi, too.

Good luck, King Boo Boo Bravo Bravito!

Yes; good luck!

Yes; good luck!

THANKS! Off I go. Bye for now!

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To be continued.

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