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SkyLight-Inside Shows Crystals

SkyLight-Inside reveals Vetsie's and Novie's crystals

[cwvm115-vncrys.jpg] There are the crystals!

NEXT-Fast-Track (One Unit of U-40 insulin)

PREV-Fast-Track (Fluid volumes are different but active insulin strength is the same)

Yep. Those concentrations are different!

Vetsie is big, relaxed. Novie is small, very concentrated! Gosh; Novie would hardly have room for more insulin crystals than he's already carrying. Vetsie, on the other hand, might be able to soak up a few more.

But Vetsie is too kind to change his concentration. If he did that, some dog might die - wrong concentration, wrong dose, hypoglycemic episode to follow, then maybe death, if Vetsalin suddenly becomes stronger than usual!

Wait! What IS this?

What ARE those funny-looking blue-ish spots in Vetsalin?

Vekkie explains the blue-ish spots

Well, friends, I tell ya - I DO like to make unusual stuff. So, when I make Vetsalin, I take out 30 percent of the crystals, leaving only 70 percent. Then I put in this blue-ish stuff. Like the crystals, it is ALSO biologically-active insulin - but it has no shape! So they call it "amorphous." That means, "shapeless."

Amorphs are those blue-ish, shapeless thingys

Though it might seem a bit odd, since we can see the Amorphs, I gave them that name: "Amorphs." Original, aren't I!

I have a bit more to say about Amorphs

But we need 100 percent of the Active Insulin

Of course, I still need 100 percent of the biologically-active insulin to make one unit of Vetsalin; so I substitute this amorphous stuff for the 30 percent of the cyrstals I removed. And then it all gets mixed in together. So we still have 1/22 milligrams of biologically-active insulin in one unit of my Vetsalin.


I see shapes! Odd shapes, different shapes, but shapes.

Vekkie's Tools

My friend SkyLight-Inside can show anything. She can show shapeless stuff as shapes. So that's what SkyLight-Inside is showing here. She's translating the shapeless - the amorphous - stuff - into shapes, just to let us see it.


Well, I'm not sure I understand, but it looks kind of cute, anyway.

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