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Vekkie Fills a Syringe

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Vekkie fills a syringe

Vekkie Fills Syringe
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Photo by Almali

When You're Small

It can be a bit tough to fill a syringe

But we must fill syringes, in order to inject our dogs with insulin!

Most dogs will need two injections a day, usually about 12 hours apart.

Typically, these injections are best given about 30 minutes after the dog has eaten a meal. So, also, we typically feed our dogs twice a day, about 12 hours apart.

I stick to a very strict schedule, and set my Computer Calendar program (CalendarScope) to set off alarms, to tell me when to feed Kwali and Kumbi. Then also, I have CalendarScope tell me when to give the injections.

Developing skills with injections

I was never much afraid of giving injections, because I'd done it before, so when Kumbi was diagnosed with diabetes, it wasn't all that big a deal for me to learn to inject him twice daily with insulin.

All the same, it took me almost half a year to learn the excruciatingly minute details of injection-giving, to make certain the injections would never (I hope) hurt.

I will be writing more about giving painless injections to a dog.

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