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Vekkie Clan Prayer Dance

Vekkie and Clan

Dance their Perspicacity Prayer
In The Syringe Forest

Field Guide to the Syringe Marks Tree

[cw3604-vclanprayer.jpg] Vekkie and Clan Dance Their Prayer
On a Fallen Log
In a Quiet Glade in the Syringe Forest

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Vekkie and Her Sisters Dance a Perspicacity Prayer

Picking the Right Syringe For The Job demands perspicacity from the Picker, just as caring for a diabetic companion animal does. Vekkie and her sisters gather, when the occasion seems right, in this quiet, out-of-the-way glade in the Syringe Forest, where a Fallen Syringe Marks Tree graciously provides them with the support needed for their Prayer Dance.

In their dance, they pray not only for mental keenness, but also, for being able to maintain their ability to pay close attention at any time the animals require that, without succumbing to distractions, even when events take odd turns, as sometimes, in life, they do.

It seems the solution to events taking odd turns is to take odd turns along with them, perhaps even in reverse directions, so part of the dance consists of taking directions and reversing them as well.

That does seem to me to be a reasonable practice. What do you think?

Several Novie Bushes, their syringes out of the way, share in the praying. None of the Beings in the Syringe Forest are arrogant enough to believe they can do anything at any time they want, even if they can. They always Question Everything, and ask, when the occsaion arises, "What if?"

They will go far and do well, with such practices. We can join them in their prayers for mental keenness to go along with the emotional sensitivity and sensibility required for the best possible care for diabetic - and other - creatures.

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