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Test warmth of dose

Test warmth of the dose

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Test warmth of the dose

[cwj11-testwarmth.jpg] Test warmth of the dose

Place fingers on the syringe barrel to test warmth

Use your fingers to feel the temperature of the now-warmed insulin in the syringe barrel.

The insulin should feel distinctly warm!

When the insulin in the syringe is warm enough, you get a sensation of, "distinctly warm!" in your fingers.

If it's not warm like that, just warm the dose again.

Once it feels very distinctly warm to your fingers, you are ready to inject the dose.

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Check all information with your vet!

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INSULIN INJECTIONS. Injection time is sacrosanct time. Double-check your dose. When in doubt, check with your veterinarian. Dispose of hazardous waste safely. Insulin is extremely powerful stuff, and your dog or cat depends on you to pay attention when you inject.
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