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Syringe Capacity

Various syringes

Compare syringe capacities

Mostly, insulin syringes; one foreign syringe!

Vekkie Says!

Check with your vet before using conversions!

Compare Syringe Capacities

[cwvm167-syrcapacity.jpg] Compare Syringe Capacities

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Parts List

Insulin Syringes are marked in Units

Insulin syringes are marked in Units of Insulin.

However, not all Insulin Syringes are the same!

Some have larger capacities than others. When a dog's insulin dose is fairly small, the Human Shooter can use a small syringe. Maybe. Maybe not!

Some Syringes are made for U40;
some for U-100 insulins

Vekkie is the first to know that you must use a U-40 syringe to deliver a U-40 insulin, such as her Vetsalin.

And that to deliver her Novalin, you must use a U-100 insulin syringe.

If you use the wrong syringe, you are very likely to deliver a WRONG DOSE!

We would not like to do that!.

Insulin is extremely powerful

Because of the power of insulin, delivering too much of it can send a dog or cat to its death in fairly short (dis-)order.

We really do not want to do that.

Part of our job, to make sure we know what we're doing, is to select a syringe of approximately the right capacity for the job.

Vekkie has more to come.

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