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Meter Ready? Apply Sipping Edge to Sample.

Applying sipping edge to sample

[cwk104-stripsip.jpg] Applying sipping edge of strip to sample

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Apply the sipping-edge of the test strip to the blood sample

It takes a bit of practice to learn just how to touch the sipping-edge of the test strip to the blood sample. Sometimes I angle the meter to different positions, depending on just what position Kumbi is in, and just where the blood sample is.

Wait for the beep! - or the display

I have a meter that beeps when the reading is complete; that meter takes ten seconds to read. My OneTouch meters read in five seconds, but have no beeps. Instead, they show the reading on the display.

Readings and Error messages

No human is perfect, and sometimes I get an error message on the display. I learned to keep extra test strips right at hand, so I could test again promptly if I get an error message. With practice, theough, the error messages get fewer and fewer. Still, sometimes I get some.

I stop for a moment to consider what might have caused the error, so I can do better, I hope, on the next reading.

Write down the reading!

I keep a spiral notebook in which to write BG readings. That way, I don't lose pages. I leave blank pages at the beginning, to make an index. I number the pages, and write the date at the top, along with Kumbi's weight, his current insulin type and dose, and I make any relevant notes about food, exercise, rest, or stress.

When I have all the readings for the day of a curve test, I send them to my vet by email. How handy!

I go with my dogs

I have a rule about testing. Three strikes, and I'm out. Skip that test. Try again later. It's not just me, but Kumbi, who needs a bit of a break. Forcing the issue makes large set-backs, and greatly increases stress as well. I've lived with dogs for more than fifty years - and I keep learning more about dogs. There is always more to learn.

Oh, yeah; also, there can always be more readings, if I didn't run out of test strips.

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