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I am SkyLight Outside

Call me to light your way

SkyLight Outside

SkyLight Outside
Lighting Vekkie's Path

Photo by Almali

Call me to light your way

I respond in my own way.

To light your way, I throw a gentle light, but you'd better not look right at the light source (me) - or you might burn your retinas. A bit Sun-like. But, then, my disposition is Sunny, once I've made myself available to you.

I'm always glad to give you a Helping Light, once you have engaged me successfully as your Helper SkyHook. You do need to maintain your sweet intentions, to make use of my Light Services.

To keep my light working for you, make sure to stay true to your goals; with me, you cannot justify your means by your ends.

As Ms. SkyLight, I can be as playful as I am as Ms. SkyHook. And you may play with me. I enjoy that!

Getting in Touch

To call me, stand still, take a deep breath, exhale, then breathe in enough to call my name. Then do it! Call my name: SkyLight Outside! Then watch for me. I will appear in moments.

If I don't appear, that's because you don't believe in me; then you'll never find me.

I do make my own choices about how and whom to serve, so you might not be able to do exactly what you want with me! But I provide useful, tasteful services, and playful ones, too.

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