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I am SkyHook

I am everywhere

I am anywhere

Me and my Skyhook

In a few forms

Photos by Almali

Hi! Keep your eyes out for me!

If you believe in me, you can call me.

I can be anywhere. I can be in two or more places at once. I can be any color. With Vekkie, I'm usually Glorious Green. But sometimes I change colors.

I'm always glad to give you a Helping Hook - providing your intentions are sweet. I require only that you believe in me.

If you believe in me, I will support you as long as you need my support. If you stop believing in me, you had better get onto the ground first, because otherwise, when I dump you for your disbelief, you might fall and hurt yourself.

Vekkie is very playful, and so am I, so we have a lot of fun together. I will play with you, too, if you wish. But always remember, my play is in good taste. Whose good taste? MINE!

Getting in Touch

To call me, stand still, take a deep breath, exhale, then breathe in enough to call my name. Then do it! Call my name: SkyHook! Then watch for me. I will appear in moments.

If I don't appear, that's because you don't believe in me; then you'll never find me.

I do make my own choices about how and whom to serve, so you might not be able to do exactly what you want with me! But I provide useful, tasteful services, and playful ones, too.

My SkyHook Also Provides a SkyLight

Ms. SkyHook (that's me in another form) is very talented and flexible. Besides giving a Helping Hook, I can also light your way at night if your path is dark. If you click on the picture of SkyHook here, you can see Ms. SkyLight - that is, the Outside form of Ms. SkyLight.

As Ms. SkyLight, I have at least two forms. With one, I can light the Outsides of things, and with another, I can also light the Insides of things, as you will see if you continue your studies here.

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