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Blood welling? Pull strip into meter.

Pulling strip into meter

[c30122-pullin.jpg] Pulling strip into the meter

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Pull the test strip all the way into the meter

It takes a bit of practice to pull the test strip all the way into the meter with only one hand. My other hand is occupied holding Kumbi's lip up against his upper jaw. But with practice, this becomes reasonably easy..

Wait for the meter to display that it's ready!

I wasted a few test strips by getting excited and applying the fully-inserted strip to the blood sample before the meter's display said "Apply Blood." Oops!

I learned, then, to watch the meter display, and to apply the sipping-edge of the test strip to the blood sample only after the meter indicates it's ready.

Different meters have different displays, so if you are testing, you will need to consult the manual for your meter.

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