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Inside the Upper Lip - lining of the mouth

Picking up the upper lip

[c28607-kupickuplip.jpg] Picking up the upper lip

The Lip-Stick idea gives some people the heebie-jeebies!

However, it's not in fact the lip we prick. It's the lining of the mouth back toward the back corner of the mouth.

This location for pricking is one my vets and techs showed me. It's their preferred site for pricking - why? Because it has very few nerve-endings. Therefore it's really rare to hurt the dog. The dog might feel a light pressure, but quite apparently, nothing else! Kumbi really lets me know when I hurt him. But he holds quiet and still when I prick this site.

The site bleeds fairly easily, and heals fast. It's an ideal site, then, for getting a blood sample to test for blood glucose levels.

Before I pricked for the first time, I had the heebie-jeebies so badly that I spent a week looking at other possibilities, but when my vet assured me this one works out so easily, I glued my courage to the Sticking-Place - and tried it.

I was completely amazed! Although Kumbi doesn't like procedures, he very clearly didn't feel any pain at all!

Thank you, my wonderful vets and techs!

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