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Marg the Parrot Lady

with Delilah, the rescued Amazon

Parrots bask in ritual and routine

Parrot Lady Marg provides for their every need

Originally posted Friday, 8 August 2008; 19:42

Delilah responds to Marg's singing

[c30430.jpg] Delilah responds to Marg the Parrot Lady

Delilah is 28 years old

She broke her jaw, and her human owners were unable to provide the care she needed, so, their hearts breaking, they searched for a new home for Delilah.

They did not have to look far! Marg, who has been aiding me with photos, gave Delilah a new home.

Delilah had been an Only Bird for the full 28 years of her life. Now, she was suddenly faced with having almost a dozen other birds in her life, all parrots of one kind or another, some of them, much bigger than she is.

From shock to survival to pleasure

Kwali and Kumbi and I have been gradually making friends with Marg, a neighbor, who is sometimes out and about caring for creatures when we pass on our daily walks.

We have been following Delilah's story. Her jaw is not repairable, but she is coming along really well, as I write this, on 8 August, 2008. She is adapting to living with other birds, even quite closely.

This really doesn't surprise me, because Marg knows animals, and in particular, parrots, through and through. She often sounds like a parrot herself. I could easily call her Marg BirdWhistle. Kumbi agrees. He gets all excited when he hears her whistling to the birds.

We all have huge confidence in Marg as an ultimate great Parrot Lady.

Not surprisingly, Marg is also a fabulous DogLady, though at the moment, she doesn't have a dog. Dogs new to Marg's home get introduced to the parrots little by little, as also, the parrots get introduced to the dog!

Marg greets Kwali and Kumbi most delightfully as we pass (oh; she greets me, too, and Kwali and Kumbi and I greet her - we ADORE Marg), and when we stop to chat and pass the time of day, both Kwali and Kumbi graze for wild rabbit and deer droppings, with one ear out for Marg and whichever parrot she might have with her at the time.

Thank you, Marg, for being a truly great and inspiring neighbor, as well as for your photographic services.

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