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You can give painless injections.

Yes; really!

Step-by-step injection procedures

You can practise without the dog

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Vekkie fills a syringe despite distractions

[cw7023-vekcarsyr.jpg] Vekkie fills syringe despite distractions
But it's best to avoid distractions

Photo by Almali

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To give painless injections
learn the procedures, step-by-step

Most dogs require twice-daily injections of insulin. Sometimes dogs are started on only one injection a day, but usually are soon put onto two injections a day.

A typical protocol recommended by veterinarians is to feed the dog twice a day, 12 hours apart, and give insulin 30 minutes after meals.

The following pages should help you through the process; I cover the basics, step-by-step.

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Vekkie Says!

Check all information with your vet!

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INSULIN INJECTIONS. Injection time is sacrosanct time. Double-check your dose. When in doubt, check with your veterinarian. Dispose of hazardous waste safely. Insulin is extremely powerful stuff, and your dog or cat depends on you to pay attention when you inject.
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