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Novie and Vetsie still don't know their sizes

Experiments begin with shape-changing

[cwvm128-surfacetens.jpg] Novie remarks on not having vials

We need our vials!

Maybe Vekkie could bring them?

At least, surface tension is down

Vetsie finds he can begin to relax, as his surface tension is down since he began his Web Rest.

He thinks Vekkie might be able to bring the vials.

Getting in Shapes

Humans have some very odd ideas about Getting in Shapes. For one thing, they usually leave the ultimate Es off "Shapes," as though there were only one shape anyBodyBrain should take or be in. Another common term is "Keep-Fit" What does that mean? Fit where? To what shapes?

The CarSisters, Vekkie, and Little Novie and Big Vetsie, under Vekkie's instruction and with the help of the CarSisters, know that Getting in Shapes is an honorable activity that also benefits their own health, as well as the health of those whose skins they are destined to Get Under. Most especially, Little Novie and Big Vetsie are charged with the moral and ethical obligation of getting under the skins of diabetic dogs and cats. And to do that, they MUST be able to Get In Shapes.

This is partly why Little Novie and Big Vetsie are doing really well to learn to reduce their surface tensions by Resting In Web. They must be in relaxed condition in order to Get In Shapes other than their current ones.

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