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Milliliters - Cubic Centimeters

One-hundredths of a milliliter? cubic centimeter?

[cwvm134-millicc.jpg] Is it Milliliters or Cubic Centimeters?

NEXT-Fast-Track (ml? cc? Same Thing)

PREV-Fast-Track (Novie's Vial holds one point oh)

Vekkie is now resting on Carlova's Web.

She's reducing her surface tension.

She got tired of humans saying they could see her belly-button, so she hung up her clothes on her SkyHook; such an obliging creature, her SkyHook is.

Human animals can get some very strange notions about clothes. They never noticed Vekkie wasn't wearing pants until she showed up in a shirt. Vekkie didn't order the shirt; it happened. That kind of thing can happen to Deus ex Machinas.

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