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Covering the eye while lifting the lip

Lifting lip with hand over eye

[c30244-liftthelip.jpg] Lifting lip with hand over eye

Hand over the dog's eye, thumb tucks in to pick up lip

The position illustrated here is often comforting to dogs. For dogs with dry mouths, if you wet your lip-picking-up thumb first, sometimes it's a bit easier to get the thumb just right, and it can be more comfortable for the dog, too.

As always, you want your dog's cooperation. So, remember to breathe, relax, croon and giggle a bit, and you can also, if you like, in the early learning stages, give a tiny treat just before beginning. I would certainly do that, to lubricate the educational and social pathway!

Do use a table, counter or desk

If your dog is reasonably comfortable on a table, counter or desk, by all means, put the dog there before beginning the sequence. Having your testing-gear, notebook and pen, perhaps a paper towel for blotting, and a small bowl of treats right at hand is a good idea. The treats do need to be out of the dog's immediate reach.

If you use a table or counter or desk, again, make absolutely sure the dog cannot fall off nor jump off. Do not tether a dog by the neck when on the table. If need be, you can have a harness on the dog - a snug body harness. And DON'T leave the dog alone on the table! No matter what happens! Lift the dog down before leaving the table.

The easy-bleeding and fast-healing of the inner lining of the mouth keeps testing blood glucose levels relatively easy. Though it does require a bit of practice, the skill comes in time.

Thank you, again, my wonderful vets and techs!

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