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Still holding Kwali's head

Hand position eased

My hand is ready to release Kwali

but remains for the moment

Ready to release Kwali's head from my hand

[c30402-kwdesens4.jpg] Ready to release Kwali; she begins to relax

Photo by Marg Johnson

I'm massaging slightly with my thumb

Kwali enjoys a light massage between the eyes; however, we have reached a limit for now, and as she begins to relax again, I now let go of her head, and give that dog a break!

This sequence with Kwali has been as much pressure as I'll ever deliberately put on one of my dogs all at once.

At this point, we ended the session, and continued on a walk, after extra greetings and cuddles with photographer and Parrot Lady Marg Johnson.

It takes a human who really knows animals to take seven photos, and have every single one of them come out, all in a single session!

She who can cuddle parrots, leaving them in fabulous condition, surely can also cuddle dogs, with similar effect!

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FOUNDATIONS. Work at the dog's pace; don't push the dog; do ask the dog to cooperate. If the dog moves away, let the dog go. Invite the dog back. If it doesn't come, let it be, and try again later. Both practice and real sessions should be short; no more than a few minutes each. If you don't succeed in three tries, wait at least hours before the next try.
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