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Eased hand position

on Kwali's head

Kwali ducks her nose

again giving off a calming signal

Kwali ducks her head

[c30400-kwdesens2.jpg] Kwali's head-duck is another calming signal

Photo by Marg Johnson

Kwali still accepts the hand

Here, I have released the corner of Kwali's mouth, and just let my hand follow her head as she ducks it.I would not move this fast with some dogs; that is, I'd remove my hand entirely, earlier than I did here with Kwali.

Kwali continues giving off a calming signal; she will soon reach a limit, beyond which her stress levels will begin to rise.

It's time for a treat for Kwali now!

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FOUNDATIONS. Work at the dog's pace; don't push the dog; do ask the dog to cooperate. If the dog moves away, let the dog go. Invite the dog back. If it doesn't come, let it be, and try again later. Both practice and real sessions should be short; no more than a few minutes each. If you don't succeed in three tries, wait at least hours before the next try.
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