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One hand

on Kwali's head

Relaxed hand

with gentle crooning

Lay one hand gently on Kwali's head

[c30399-kwdesens1.jpg] Lay one hand gently on Kwali's head

Photo by Marg Johnson

Kwali accepts an enveloping hand

Here, I am tucking my thumb into Kwali's lip, on the right side of her mouth. My hand is still quite relaxed, but it has some intent going: to lift the lip a bit!

Kwali responds with a calming signal; her tongue coming out. She accepts the hand, but calms herself and me with that tongue.

We must stay relaxed!

We need to be ready to release the dog from our touch, if the dog begins to resist.

Kwali's calming signal reveals her stress

Because Kwali is slightly stressed here, I will ease the pressure on her. If need be, I'll start over again. Meantime, I'll pop a treat to Kwali, along with some crooning, giggling, and praise.

In desensitizing, we must keep the pace slow, at a level the dog can easily accomplish.

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FOUNDATIONS. Work at the dog's pace; don't push the dog; do ask the dog to cooperate. If the dog moves away, let the dog go. Invite the dog back. If it doesn't come, let it be, and try again later. Both practice and real sessions should be short; no more than a few minutes each. If you don't succeed in three tries, wait at least hours before the next try.
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