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Thumb ready to lie on top of paw

Kwali's paw lies easily on my hand

[c30186-kwalipawb.jpg] Kwali relaxes, her paw on my hand

I start moving my thumb to go over Kwali's paw

At my first try, Kwali retracted her paw; I expect that. The second time, she rested her paw on my hand. Then I let her paw down. This is my second lift of Kwali's paw. This time, she did not retract the paw, but let it lie easily in my hand. Here, I am starting to move my thumb to lie over the top of her paw.

We are both quite relaxed.

Two dogs at once

On practically every walk, I take both dogs at once. Each is accustomed to waiting for the other, if I'm occupied with one of them.

In effect, I'm squatting, resting; Kwali and I both fairly still, and Kumbi, then, just relaxes, sniffs around, and waits for us. He knows he'll get his turn.

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FOUNDATIONS. Work at the dog's pace; don't push the dog; do ask the dog to cooperate. If the dog moves away, let the dog go. Invite the dog back. If it doesn't come, let it be, and try again later. Both practice and real sessions should be short; no more than a few minutes each. If you don't succeed in three tries, wait at least hours before the next try.
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