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Journey to the Syringe Forest

Little Novie and Big Vetsie on the Hunt

Novie and Vetsie Hunt for Syringes

Looking for suitable syringes to get into

Novie, Vetsie and crew set out for the Syringe Forest

[cw3206-gosforest.jpg] Novie, Vetsie, Vekkie and CarSisters
set out for the Syringe Forest

We must Pick the Right Syringe for the Job

There are several possible pickings and choosings to be made here.

Little Novie and Big Vetsie each need to pick the right syringe for themselves.

But there might be multiple "Right Syringes" for the job." That is, syringes have different capacities.

The Essence of The Right Syringe

First, Little Novie, being a U-100 insulin, needs a U-100 syringe. And Big Vetsie, being a U-40 insulin, needs a U-40 syringe. To find out what U-100 and U-40 are, you can begin with Insulin Concentrations. If you go there, you can use your browser's Back button to return here.

Little Novie and Big Vetsie have already experimented with Wrong Pitchers, as well as other containers, and found the entire experience very confusing and disorienting. If THEY found it disorienting, what are Humans to do?

Little Novie and Big Vetsie must make sure, ahead of time, that the Humans won't have trouble because somehow THEY pick the wrong syringe. Therefore, Little Novie and Big Vetsie have charged themselves, ahead of time, with seeing to it the Humans cannot pick the Wrong Syringe for the job.

Vekkie's Insulins are obviously extremely Responsible Creatures. But we knew that. Vekkie herslf is an Extremely Responsible Creature. That's just her nature.

As always, the CarSisters are ready and willing to help, and they provide their services along the way, as needed. They have kindly agreed to come along. They ride in the BoogieBrush, which Vekkie happily carries with her. They have also charged themselves with providing Field Guides to some of the essentials of the Syringe Forest.

Little Novie and Big Vetsie Take Flying Shapes

Little Novie and Big Vetsie always use their Getting in Shapes talents to good effect, once they have gathered their strengths and reduced their surface tensions by Resting In Web.

They understand deeply the significance of keeping stress levels low, and of playing as well as working. Flying along is, for them, as much play as it is work.

Here, we can see how efficiently and easily they do their dual job of work and play. They achieve this as a result of their careful practices.

Little Novie and Big Vetsie never waste an experience. They make use of all they learn along the path of life.

Field Guides by the CarSisters

The CarSisters are persistent investigators, analyzers, assessors, and measurers. These skills come naturally to them. Their contributions to Vekkie's knowledge, and to Little Novie's, and to Big Vetsie's, sometimes turn out to be particularly essential.

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Parts List

Vekkie says there's more to come

I trust Vekkie on this.

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