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Vekkie's Diabetes Playground

Home of VekToria TwinkelMaus

Caring for a Diabetic Dog

U.S. FDA warning concerning Vetsulin

Warning was posted on Monday, 2 November, 2009.

On 2 November 2009, the U.S. FDA published a warning to veterinarians about a problem with the insulin named Vetsulin, an insulin commonly used for diabetic dogs, and perhaps some cats.

Quoting from the warning, the insulin: ".... may have varying amounts of crystalline zinc insulin in the formulation."

This means the person injecting the dog (or cat) has no way of knowing just how the insulin will behave - what its duration will be in the body. A potential exists, then, for hyperglycemia (too-high blood glucose levels), or hypoglycemia (too-low blood glucose levels), if you happen to have a vial with unknown quantities of the crystalline portion of the insulin.

Human caretakers of diabetic animals who are receiving Vetsulin should check with their veterinarians for further instructions.

I am VekToria TwinkelMaus

Hi! I am VekToria, VekToriAna for short, call name Vekkie. I joined Kwali and Kumbi and Carol on 8 February, 2008, right in the middle of a dog-walk past Parrot-Lady's home. I've become part of the family. All welcomed me very warmly, as indeed, they should. I have been working hard - well, playing! - with talking about diabetic dogs, and what can be done to keep them in glowing good health, so that you'd never know they were diabetic.

Carol has given me lots of latitude and longitude to play here on Coherent Dog, and I am using it.

Expect changes here! If ever you start feeling too unstable, I will ask Skyhook to deliver progeny to you, so you can anchor yourself as needed.

Many of the pages here are in a particular order, where one page adds information to previous stuff. These pages have buttons above the main picture on the page, which say PREV, UP, and NEXT, in that order.

YOu can use the NEXT button on each page to go to the next page. Use the PREV button to go back in the reverse direction. If you get lost, use the UP button to go to lists of pages in the section. If you don't get the list you want, try the UP button on that page for the next higher list!

Main pages have vertical lists of links down their right sides; these can help you locate the main areas of the Playground. If the main picture on the page is very big, these links sometimes drop down to the bottom of the page, so just scroll down to see them.

The Merry Measure area has Fast-Track links to take you through the highlights of measurement and dosing with insulin, for those who want a quick tour without studying all the details. You can jump in and out of the Fast-Track areas, by using your browser's Back button, or by using the PREV, UP and NEXT buttons..

And now that Vekkie's Site Map is finally in order, you can always go there to find your trail again. Or call for a Trailing Vine to guide you.

Stabilizer Skyhook

Here I am, with my Skyhook. She is as trustworthy as are well-cared-for dogs, and I stake my life on her help, as you will see.

Me and my Skyhook

Vekkie with SkyHook
A loving relationship
And a trusting one, too.
Photo by Almali

Now I open the rest of this page to Carol, to let her deliver a few notes.

Dog Stories - Notes from Carol

Do use your browser's Back button to return here from the maelstrom of links in the next paragraphs.

For humans who are part-dog, I suggest exploring Vekkie's Diabetes Playground in considerable detail, because Vekkie herself seems clearly to be part-dog, at least in temperament and predilection, and her stories appear to bear this out. Furthermore, her companions, SkyHook, SkyLightOutside, SkyLightInside, Carlova and the CarSisters, and above all, Little Novie and Big Vetsie, into whom Vekkie herself breathed life, are very obviously part-dog.

Therefore, the entire Playground is chock-full (of course, not a shock in sight, apart from that one Lightning Strike), of Stories, both Invented and Real, that dogs themselves might have told.

You will probably need Vekkie's Site Map to help you locate the variety of stories, amazing and mundane (that is, very worldly) to help you track your paths through Vekkie's Forests.

If ever you get lost, though, the TrailVine will willingly guide you, especially with SkyLightOutside to light your way.

Diabetes has joined us!

Wed, 12 Mar 2008; 19:15

On 1 September, 2006, just as we had come through in fine fettle after knee surgery for Kumbi, and a year later, for Kwali, Kumbi was diagnosed with diabetes.

Diabetes changed our lives. Talk about regulation! With diabetes, food, exercise and insulin are all crucial factors. Food and insulin is best delivered on a strict schedule. I haven't met strict schedules for many years, since retiring, but I set up my computer calendar program, CalendarScope, to set off daily alarms to keep me on-track, feeding and shooting Kumbi on time.

It took us more than a year to get the insulin dose finely tuned so that Kumbi is in glowing health once again. Meantime, he went almost completely blind from diabetic cataracts. We cannot afford surgery, and if we could, the stress would be more than Kwali and Kumbi could take, as we would have to travel and stay in hotels. Kumbi enjoys his life and finds his way around despite his very severely impaired vision. Let nobody tell you a blind dog can't have fun!

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