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Prick midway (vertically) between lip and gums

Hold the lip gently

[c30245-lipholdup.jpg] Holding lip gently against jaw

The Lip-Stick takes about one minute to accomplish

Once you've carried your little tray of equipment to your dog and put your dog up on the table, or have settled the dog on the floor or a couch or bed, the Lip-lifting, holding, and Sticking procedure, followed by taking the meter reading, takes about one minute.

It's quick and easy for the dog, but for us, we first have to learn.

Remember that we are not the only ones who have to learn; the dog has to learn too!

Once a dog learns to allow a Lip-Stick, it becomes all that much easier, and you can reduce numbers and amount of treats you use. If need be, you can substitute some extra loving stroking for treats.

I do think it's a good idea to give a treat first, then to lift and hold the lip, then to prick, wait for the round drop of blood, take the reading, and then to give another treat afterwards, for the first however-many times you Stick your dog to do a blood glucose reading.

Dogs learn by association, and a dog who is stroked, crooned to, and given treats, can accept quite easily the Procedure of a LipStick, especially when it doesn't hurt!

It is possible to hurt a dog with this Stick, but in short of two years, I have hurt Kumbi only twice. Both times, I had pricked in the wrong place.

Poor Kumbi! But he DID let me know when I hurt him, and I DID learn where NOT to stick him!

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