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Vekkie makes fresh insulin

Novalin and Vetsalin

Vekkie Makes Fresh Insulin

Insulin should always be fresh!.

Vekkie decides to make fresh insulin

[cwvm144-freshbatch.jpg] Vekkie decides to make fresh insulin

Parts List

Everyone knows insulin should always be fresh!

It is not fair to insulin to let it sit around, or work, too long. Like any other living being, insulin wears out after a time, but insulin has the characteristic that it cannot replace itself!

Our wonderful Hero and CareTaker, VekToria TwinkelMaus, would never desert nor neglect the very insulins she so much loves to make. She ALWAYS takes excellent care of Little Novie and Big Vetsie.

So of course, our beloved Vekkie renews their suspensions, and their crystals, and even their shapeless amorphousnesses, when those parts of her insulins get a bit tired. Vekkie would NEVER leave Little Novie nor Big Vetsie unfed nor uncared-for.


Oh, well; Vekkie is OUR Vekkie. She is like us, the CareTakers of diabetic dogs. And of cats, too.

Never leave the cats out of the running!

If Vekkie does say so, herself.

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