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Field Guide to the Needle Cap Bush

The Needle-Cap - Night-Cap Bush

Provides those crucial Needle Caps

Field Guide to the Needle Cap Bush

[cw3524-fgndlcpbush.jpg] Needle-Cap Night-Cap Bush in Detail

The Needle-Cap Night-Cap Bush
seems always a bit far away

The Needle-Cap Night-Cap Bush isn't always immediately obliging. Although it is dangerous to transport syringes without first putting caps on the needles, the Needle cap bush, though willing, seems to like to be searched for. So usually, it takes just a bit of extra search to find a Needle Cap Bush.

Once you find one, though, you will find it a very Cooperative Creature, as it will happily provide caps for any reasonable needles who need them. I would not like to try to guarantee what might happen if some unreasonable needle were to claim to need needle caps.

Wantle Caps have not yet been found in the Syringe Forest

I'm not really sure Wantle Caps even exist, though Vekkie and the CarSisters both claim to have seen them. I really should believe what Vekkie and the CarSisters tell me, because, like dogs, they always tell the truth.

The Needle Caps are also Night Caps

Sensible, thinking creatures soon realized that the Needle Caps are also very wonderful Night Caps. Or rather, they are appropriate for measuring the Active Stuff - The Dynes - that go into Night Caps.

More details are to follow.

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