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Three Units

are Seven-Point-Five Barrel-Marks

Units? Of What? of Vetsalin!

Barrel-Marks? on a U-100 syringe!

Vekkie Says!

Check with your vet before using conversions!

3 Units are 7.5 Barrel-Marks

[cwvm169-3p0u7p5m.jpg] Units of Vetsalin, Barrel-Marks on a U-100 syringe

This ends the first-draft of the Fast-Track through Merry Measure; as sections are added, there will be more to come.

PREV-Fast-Track (Convert six point five units to Barrel Marks)

You can see a larger view of this picture.

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My goodness; that could be for King Boo Boo Bravo Bravito!

As of 28 July, 2008, anyway.

Vekkie has more to add here, as time permits

Yeah; more to come!

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