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Journeys with Glucose Curves

Our dogs teach us well!

Originally posted Saturday, 27 February 2010, 23:16

Glucose Curves Bestow Surprises

Dogs teach us when we least expect lessons

Kumbi reverts to a mountain curve

[ckt20207cd-100221c14b.jpg] Kumbi gives me a Mountain Curve

Well, HEY! Those green rectangles represent our walks. Kumbi had a LONG afternoon walk on Curve Day (21 February 2010). Weather had prevented us from taking such long walks, for many months - till that day.

Kumbi always drops in glucose during a walk - usually, something like 100 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL), or about 5.5 millimoles per Liter (mmol/L), in Canadian, UK, Australian, and Elsewhere measure.

Indeed, the long walk in the afternoon had fairly long-lasting effects.

We'll explore more as we continue our journey.

Meantime, you can find a larger version of this chart at Kumbi Curves .

Kumbi has often had Mountain Curves

It's said by Human Diabetic-Dog Mums and Dads that the typically-desired Smiley-curve isn't necessarily always the most desired kind.

Some people teach that the ideal blood glucose curve should, when graphed, look like a smile. The curve starts on a high side, dips during the day, reaching a trough, low point, or nadir, when the insulin that was injected in the morning after breakfast is working the hardest. Then the curve starts back up again

ideally, it's said, the high point just before the dog's supper matches quite closely the high point before the dog's breakfast.

Ah, sweet dreams. Oh, yes, some dogs show curves like that sometimes, when very well-regulated with exactly the right kind and the right dose of insulin.

Luverly, luverly!

But there are other curve-shapes that also work very well!

We'll be looking at various curve-shapes during this exciting and surprising journey into the Curve Forest.

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Vekkie says there's more to come

I trust Vekkie on this.

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