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Collect insulin, syringe, other stuff

Get the Gear Together

You can practise without the dog

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Collect the gear

[cwj01-collectins.jpg] Collect the stuff

Practise makes perfect

Or, so they say. Preparation helps, too. My list here might not be exactly the same as yours, so, make a list of the gear you need in order to give injections. You certainly need a vial of insulin or some insulin-container, a syringe with which to inject that, or something that combines both. Most usually, we Diabetic-Dog people fill our own syringes, from vials of insulin we get from the veterinarian or from a pharmacy.

Your vet or vet tech should gladly show you how to inject your dog with insulin. Don't hesitate to ask for help from your vet or tech again if you're feeling uncertain

Every indivdual is different

What I cover here and in the following pages are the basics of giving painless injections. A few details might differ somewhat from what your vet or vet tech shows you. If your vet or tech does things differently, follow that person's directions. But mostly, you will find the procedures shown here are standard.

Your vet might do some things differently in order to accommodate either you and your own needs, and/or your dog and your dog's needs.

Walk-through these steps without your dog!

I can't emphasize enough what a difference it makes when your hands and body and brain are familiar with the required steps. So do try "walking-through" these procedures a few times before you first inject your dog with insulin.

You might also find it helpful to read through the pages on Engaging Your Dog's Cooperation, before giving your first injection.

Remember to breathe!

Vekkie Says!

Check all information with your vet!

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INSULIN INJECTIONS. Injection time is sacrosanct time. Double-check your dose. When in doubt, check with your veterinarian. Dispose of hazardous waste safely. Insulin is extremely powerful stuff, and your dog or cat depends on you to pay attention when you inject.
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