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Checking Vetsie Crystals and Amorphs


Vekkie Checks Vetsie's Crystals

Amorphs, too

Vekkie Checks Vetsie's Crystals

[cwvm146-checkvetscrys.jpg] Vekkie checks Vetsie's Crystals
and Amorphs

What are Amorphs?

SkyLightInside and I made up that term. That's pronounced "A" - long A, as in "YAY!" as in "Diabetes, YAY!" - and then, of course, "Morph" as in shape, or change. With the accent on the long A.

An Amorph is the blueish thing you can see when SkyLightInside lights up Big Vetsie. SkyLightInside lights up what we can't see otherwise. And she makes the shapeless into shapes, just so we can see something.

When I make Vetaslin, I take out 30% of the crystals from One Unit of Biologically-Active Insulin, and, to replace those, I put in an equivalent amount of A-Morph-ous Biologically-Active Insulin. And this 30% is, of course, made up of Amorphs. We like to show you the Amorphs, because that way, you can see better what is happening with Big Vetsie.

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Aren't we nice?

Well, we are good teachers, if I say so myself.

Amorphs like it too.

We admit, showing the Amorphs is a bit of an oddity, or maybe, something Humans don't much expect, to be able to see the shapeless as shapes.

Anything Humans don't expect, they define as oddities.

Dogs know better.

Cats do, too.

Hey! Where's SkyLightInside?

Something is fishy here. Where's SkyLightInside? Not here! I don't see her! Nor her light, either!

So how come we can see the Crystals and the Amorphs?

Humans have to know all

Or to think they do

Don't worry about it. You can see them; isn't that enough for you? Dogs and cats can always see them. So can TwinkelMauses.

But I'll be nice, and explain.

You can see the Crystals, and even the Amorphs, because they are not yet dissolved in the Suspension. Once dissolved in the Suspension, they are in much smaller pieces, like Holey-Moley-Cules, and you can't see them then without SkyLightInside's aid. Unless you're a dog, cat, or TwinkelMaus.

A few strange Humans can see them, too.

Are you strange?

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