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Check the syringe

Is the needle bent?

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Check syringe - is the needle bent?

[gr20134cd-bentneedle.jpg] Check syringe - oops; bent needle!
Photo by George Rauh

Get the syringe ready

Remove a fresh syringe from its packaging, and remove any caps from the plunger end first, if there's a cap there, and then, from the needle itself as well. I lay the uncapped syringe down in a small saucer, so as not to bump into it; also, to keep the needle, hanging over the edge, from becoming contaminated.

Keep the needle cap close by, as you will need it after filling the syringe and checking the dose for air bubbles and size.

Rotate the syringe, look at the needle

It's not fun for you, nor your dog, if you try to inject using a bent needle. Check to make sure the needle isn't bent. I only had two bent needles in well over two years! But I buy a high-quality, brand-name syringe (BD) at my local pharmacy. Some people buying online have had numbers of bent needles (would that be you, Annie?)

On rare occasions, I've had syringes where the plunger action in the barrel was quite stiff. Once I actually discarded a syringe when the action was so stiff I thought I could have difficulty injecting without wiggling the needle in the flesh. Mostly, though, the syringes I use have smooth, even action.

The next step is to draw air into the syringe

Vekkie Says!

Check all information with your vet!

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INSULIN INJECTIONS. Injection time is sacrosanct time. Double-check your dose. When in doubt, check with your veterinarian. Dispose of hazardous waste safely. Insulin is extremely powerful stuff, and your dog or cat depends on you to pay attention when you inject.
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