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CalendarScope Feature - Thanks, Duality!

Default Five-Minute Snooze

Duality Software provides help

on short notice

First draft, Friday, 22 August 2008; 13:47

Thank you, Duality Software!

[cw2996z-calendarsc114.jpg] Thank you card to Duality Software
for default Snooze Time of five minutes
for a new event!

You may click on the picture to reach the Calendarscope web site.

Photo by Almali, who has put several links to Calendarscope on this page - because Duality Software couldn't find its own link here! (hehe) - OOPS - it was links to THIS page they couldn't find - MY OMISSION! I fixed it!

Feature request to Duality Software

I left a note for Duality Software, makers of Calendarscope - my urgently-needed program - it keeps me on track with Kumbi's schedules. I asked if there was a way to set the default snooze-button time to five minutes.

Soon, I had a reply. No; there isn't a way to set the default snooze value.

I replied, saying I hoped they would include that feature in their next version, and added that I thought it would take some time, so I was prepared to wait.

And I added a note about why I want a default snooze value of five minutes. It's really my own haste that makes me need that! The default value is 15 minutes. Because Kumbi gets cued about what's coming (a Procedure - he doesn't mind the Prick; it's the PROCEDURE he'd rather skip!) - and, like all dogs, Kumbi learns by association, when he hears the distinctive sound of the alarm signalling the time for the Blood Glucose Test - he will make an effort to get out of the picture. Poor Boy; the dog-door is blocked.

In my haste to shut off the alarm before Kumbi can even attempt to disappear, I often forget to change the Snooze Value from 15 to 5 minutes. Uh, oh! I have the initial notification time set to 10 minutes. So, my NEXT alarm goes off 5 minutes AFTER I was supposed to do the test!

Before I could say Jiminy Cricket

I thought in my note to Duality Software that they wouldn't be that interested in reading such detail, but they are kind people. And maybe they'd consider the requested feature for their next version.

And I went to take my very badly-needed nap.


When I woke, I checked my mail. There was a note from Duality Software, with an attached program and instructions to run the program.

The program was named, "DefaultSnooze5minutes." Oh my goodness! The instructions in the letter said to run the program, and when I did, all New Events would have a default snooze value of five minutes.

How WONDERFUL! I tried it. Of course, it worked perfectly. I was fascinated to see that the program merely did something to the Windows Registry! How nice of Duality. They didn't tell me to edit my own Registry. I hate trying to do stuff like that. They merely did the job for me!

CalendarScope Marvels from Duality

This is the SECOND TIME Duality Software has provided me with a special feature to meet my expressed needs. The first was, when they changed their Tray Icon, I had trouble distinguishing it visually from other common Tray Icons, and I wanted the old icon back. So I wrote and asked, but no, there wasn't a way to get it back.

However, before I could say Jack Robinson, Duality had sent me a special program that would restore the OLD icon to my System Tray. I am so grateful.

The best feature of all this is that CalendarScope, under heavy pressure, and even with these alterations (shhhhhhhhhh) NEVER crashes. What, Never? No! It has never ONCE crashed on my system, in years of heavy use.

Kwali and Kumbi don't really know how much I depend on Calendarscope. But it is this program that gets them their meals, Kumbi's insulin shots, Kwali's fake insulin shots, Kwali's eye drops, and Kumbi's blood glucose tests, on time.

Both dogs do intimately, know the sounds of Calendarscope. After all they hear them, repeatedly, every day. They could probably carry out all the tasks on their own, if only they had five, instead of four, paws.

I also use their free program, DS Clock , which I put on my screen displaying hours, minutes and seconds. That way, I can count seconds when I'm warming Kumbi's insulin in my armpit. Very handy. Oh, yes, and also, this program synchronizes my computer-time to an atomic clock. I never have to think about whether my computer time is right or not.

Some days, my scheduling is so tight I don't know if I'm coming or going - I even have no idea what day it is! With CalendarScope and DS Clock, I have NO worries.

Is it Jiminy Cricket, or is it Jack Robinson? Doesn't matter. Either will do. But one thing is certain; I lean on the robustness and general perfection of Calendarscope - and of the Duality Software Team. Thank you, Duality!

News: Calendarscope has just released version 4.0

Wednesday, 17 September 2008; 06:34

Yesterday Duality Software released Version 4.0 of Calendarscope. I have just downloaded and installed it. I'm lookng forward to using its new features! Again, I marvel at the robustness of this program; it has still never crashed, and I see that I still have my default 5-minute Snooze, and also, the old tray icon that Duality set up for me at my request.

More to come when needed!

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