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Team! Team! Team!

Kwali, Carol and Kumbi

The BS Corrector Team Takes Off

BS Correctors Take Off

[cc070921752-vbgbsz.jpg] - BS Correctors shortly after takeoff

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In Flight on the FastBroom

Kwali is at the helm, which makes sense, as she does a goodly bit of steering. Kumbi is always the Sentry; he loves Sentrying. I go along for the ride and carry some of the necessary equipment.

The red stuff is BS Correction Fluid.

How the BS Corrector Team Came About

I was chatting with a very dear neighbor friend about local public meetings that had turned ugly. We had just also been talking about diabetic animals. My friend used the term BS for Blood Sugar, but I had been accustomed to using BG instead, meaning Blood Glucose, since that's what my vet always said.

So when I heard BS, I could only think of one thing. I hadn't played with my photo-paint program for a long time, but I was inspired to try, so off I went to set up a BS Corrector Team.

Kwali and Kumbi were happy to cooperate, though they don't exactly pose for pictures; I have to catch them on the fly, and results can be quite unpredictable.

We have a short series of these pictures, which may show up from time to time.

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