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Blood Glucose Charts

Kumbi BG charts

Graphic data added for food, insulin, exercise

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  1. Kumbi Curve 14 Dec 2009
  2. Kumbi Curve 17 Jan 2010
  3. Kumbi Curve 21 Feb 2010

Kumbi BGs 14 December 2009

Kumbi curve 14 Dec 2009

[ckt20205-091214c21.jpg] Kumbi BG curve, 14 Dec 2009

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Kumbi BG curve, 17 Jan 2010

Kumbi curve 17 Jan 2010

[ckt20206-100117c06.jpg] Kumbi BG curve, 17 Jan 2010

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Kumbi BG curve, 21 Feb 2010

Kumbi curve 21 Feb 2010

[ckt20207-100221c14.jpg] Kumbi BG curve, 21 Feb 2010

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