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Blood Glucose Curve Test

consists of multiple BG readings

usually about two hours apart

Collect your gear including
records notebook and pen

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Kumbi - Readings and Events, 25 November 2007

[cw7022i-kbgrdev071125.jpg] List of readings and events, 25 Nov 2007

We record a series of readings
two hours apart

To take a blood glucose curve test, we record BG levels, usually about two hours apart, through the day.

If there's special reason, we can also test through the night. I haven't bothered to do this with Kumbi, as there has seemed no special reason to do it. Such series are quite stressful on the dog, not to mention, on the human!

The picture here shows a listing of readings, and the significant related events: meals, and insulin and dose of insulin, and when given.

The first reading

When I can, I take a BG (blood glucose) reading shortly before feeding Kumbi in the morning. I record the reading in my spiral notebook with the page dated, and the time of the reading.

Failing that, I take a reading just before giving the morning insulin injection. As soon as I have that reading, and have recorded it, I give Kumbi his morning insulin injection, and note that in my records notebook as well.

Take subsequent readings about two hours apart

Through the rest of the day, I take readings about every two hours, and, of course, note the results in my notebook. I also record exercise periods, and the approximate stress levels of each: low, moderate, or high.

Unless there's special reason to continue, I take my last reading just before giving Kumbi his supper. This last reading might not be two hours after the previous one. Mine tend to be about an hour and a half following the previous reading.

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