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Blood Glucose Curve Test

Reasons for doing a curve test

Blood glucose levels vary throughout the day

and the night as well

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Kumbi - Records notebook

[c30606-bgnotebook.jpg] Spiral notebook in which I record results

A BG Curve gives you a picture
of varying BG levels through a day

After you have done a number of these curves, you get a pretty good idea of what kind of consistency your dog shows in glucose levels in the blood.

It is important to remember that many different things affect blood glucose levels. That is true for any animal! Any sort of infection tends to cause fluctuations in BG levels that are quite unpredictable. Exercise lowers BG levels by using up the glucose present in the blood, and stresses of various sorts raise BG levels.

If you keep records, and write them down, you can share them with your vet, who can even use your figures to help adjust your dog's insulin dose.

Besides the gear we use, we need the dog!

Dogs can be engaged to cooperate even with a day-long series of blood glucose tests. The trick is to stay relaxed ourselves, to give the dog its usual Rituals and Routines throughout the day, and to have practiced with individual readings so we're comfortable doing them.

Having the gear collected ahead of time makes things easier for both dog and human. Giving treats will affect blood glucose readings, but I give very small treats of kinds that don't tend to raise BG levels much, often, a tiny treat such as a bit of cooked broccoli, or a cut piece of green bean, before a reading, and another just after it.

When all goes well, a single reading and recording might take two to three minutes, if you are using the Lip-Stick method. If you are using an ear, it might take a few minutes longer, as you will probably need to massage the ear, or to warm it somewhat, to get a good blood sample with your prick.

Practise makes Perfect

If you have been doing individual readings, doing a curve test, or, multiple readings throughout the day, only requires that you and the dog be available every couple of hours for that day.

This can involve some planning ahead. Also, it's wise to avoid extra stresses for you and for your dog on a Curve Test day. You might notify friends that they'd be welcome to visit on some other day, or ask your family to remain calm around the dog on that day - or both!

Remember the dog has to learn too!

It's not only we humans who need to learn; the dogs also need to get accustomed to a BG curve routine. See also the pages on Engaging Cooperation.

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