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Blood Glucose Curve Test

Foggy, May 2009

Two Foggy Curves

March and May 2009

Originally posted Wednesday, 03 June 2009; 00:50

Foggy - 12 March and 31 May 2009
Two curves

Foggy BG curves for 12 March and 31 May 2009

[cx10019bg-2cv090531fg1.jpg] Foggy - two curves

Extras added to this chart, using Paint Shop Pro 9

Again, I drew a vertical reddish line to represent the time of feeding in the morning, and another, blue line, to represent the time of giving insulin. Foggy receives his insulin immediately after eating.

The curve for 31 May 2009 is the first taken on Foggy that shows something looking like regulation. Foggy was diagnosed diabetic on 14 September, 2006, two weeks after Kumbi was. He is about half a year younger than Kumbi; he was born on 19 July, 1997. He is thought to be a Springer Spaniel and Border Collie mix.

Just as Kumbi does, Foggy gets very careful attention and care from his DogMum. He's a very loving dog, and loves life, too.

Note the readings for mid-afternoon, where the two curves come very close. I will be interested in how the trends go as time goes on.

Tracking Foggy's curves

To make it easier to follow progress in a dog featured here, I am adding a kind of tracking list, which merely links to other charts for the same dog.

We only have one chart for Foggy as I write this.

  1. Foggy 1

Foggy - 12 March and 31 May 2009
List of Readings

Foggy's data table from Open Office Calc

[cx10021-fg090531dat3.jpg] Foggy's data table, 31 May 2009

Consistency is key to Foggy's well-being

Like Kumbi, Foggy is mostly blind; he seems to see light and dark, and has a bit of peripheral vision.

Foggy gets walks twice a day, from 20 to 30 minutes, but less in hot weather, as he is subject to crashes when the weather is very hot.

Even though the curve of 31 May 2009 is the first for Foggy that looks like regulation, Foggy has been generally lively and well, rather like Kumbi; in short, he's in glowing good health, and his vet is very pleased with him. Of course, so is his Human DogMum!

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