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Originally posted Sunday, 17 May 2009; 13:54

Kumbi - 4 curves
May, August, November, December, 2008

Kumbi - 4 curves in 2008

[cwkubig-2008a4crv107.jpg] Kumbi - 4 curves, 2008

Multiple curves on the same chart

I made this chart using Open Office Calc. I'm new to any spreadsheet software, especially to Calc, but I really like what Calc has to offer.

Here, we can see trends; most particularly, Kumbi's nadir, or lowest blood glucose level during the day, seems to occur around 3 p.m. How handy!

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There are some fairly high numbers on this chart, but they don't last very long. Some drops are evident, usually after Kumbi's morning and afternoon walks, but the drops are not especially sharp nor steep.

Indeed, Kumbi has been in glowing good health for well over a year now. Of course, he is nearly totally blind, from diabetic cataracts which robbed Kumbi of all but some peripheral vision, and light and dark, early in 2007, about five months after he was diagnosed with diabetes.

However, Kumbi is leading a happy and stable life. We are able to be very consistent with his schedules, as I am long-retired, and I choose to stay home with both my dogs.

Tracking Kumbi's charts

To make it easier to follow progress in a dog featured here, I am adding a kind of tracking list, which merely links to other charts for the same dog.

  1. Kumbi 1
  2. Kumbi 2
  3. Kumbi 3
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