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Blood Glucose Curve Test

Frodo, 23-24 May 2009

Pug Frodo's curve covers 24 hours

23-24 May 2009

Originally posted Tuesday, 09 June 2009; 14:05

Frodo's BGs are running high
in hot weather

Frodo's BG levels, 23-24 May 2009

[cx10235bg-frd090524a3] Frodo the Pug's 24-hour curve

Frodo's HumanMum asks whether weather affects BG levels

In discussion, many HumanParents of diabetic dogs agree that weather does, indeed, affect BG levels. However, it's pretty well impossible to determine just how, because all forms of stress affect BG levels, including good-stress and bad-stress. It would be very diffcult, if, indeed, it's possible at all, I believe, to devise a study with the necessary controls to determine just how weather affects BG levels. But most Human-Parents of diabetic dogs agree that weather does bring on changes.

At the time of this curve, Frodo has been receiving 4.5 iu (International Units) of Novolin-N insulin, twice daily. And that was his dose at the time of this curve, too.

HumanMum Katie plans another curve soon, as she is considering dropping to 4 units twice daily, just in case there's some rebound going on. It's no use doing another curve until the new dose has had several days at least to take effect. It takes from a few days - three, minimum, to a week, or even two weeks, before the full effect of a dose-change can be determined. Meantime, food and exercise and any other medications need to be kept constant, so that it's clear that if there are changes in BG levels, they are due largely to the change in insulin dose.

At the same time, the daily activity, exercise, rest - and, we think probably, the weather, should remain fairly constant, if we're to attribute changes solely to a change in insulin dose.

Frodo's food and medications

For his meals, morning and evening, Frodo had half a cup of Hills WD dry food, with one and a quarter cups of distilled water, and along with that, he received one and a quarter P Citrate, and one Benadryl. I'll have to check with Katie for greater detail on this.

For his snacks, Frodo received three pieces (kibbles) of the WD food, and one and a quarter cups of distilled water.

Tracking Frodo's curves

To make it easier to follow progress in a dog featured here, I am adding a kind of tracking list, which merely links to other charts for the same dog.

  1. Frodo 1

Frodo has only one page here at the moment.

Frodo, 23-24 May 2009
List of Readings

Frodo's data table from Open Office Calc

[cx10235-frdata3.jpg] List of readings for Frodo

Original readings here are in mg/dL

We use a formula to let the Open Office Calc program convert readings from the U.S. standard measurement for blood glucose levels, which is expressed in mg/dL (milligrams per deciLiter) to the standard measurement used in most of the rest of the world, mmol/L (millimoles per liter).

To make the conversion, I divided the mg/dL readings by 18.02. Some people don't bother with the two-one-hundredths, and just use the figure of 18 to make the conversion.

We hope to follow Frodo through at least his next curve.

Thanks to Katie and Frodo for permitting publication of his data and chart on Coherent Dog,

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