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Blood Glucose Curve Test

TwentyOne, 2 June 2009

TwentyOne's first Home curve

2 June 2009

Originally posted Monday, 08 June 2009; 16:35

TwentyOne in his new home
first curve

TwentyOne's HumanMum does her first curve!

[cx10202bg-d21c090602g5.jpg] TwentyOne's first useful curve

TwentyOne was lacking a home where he could get good care

His new HumanMum, Barbara, already had a special-needs dog, Buttercup, but she added another: TwentyOne, as he was not getting care that could properly manage his diabetes. Though Barbara has her hands very full with special-needs dogs, she plucked up her courage, and, for the first time, she managed to do a blood glucose curve test on TwentyOne. Three cheers for you, Barbara!

TwentyOne had been supposedly receiving 7 units of Humulin-N, twice a day; however, whether he really did or not was a question never to be answered. That seemed like a very large dose, do, with some consultation, Barbara dropped the dose to 2 units of Humulin-N, twice a day. The resulting chart shows one very high reading, but the chart as a whole doesn't look bad at all.

Barbara will probably raise the dose very slowly and gradually, conducting curve tests every few weeks to see how the blood glucose levels are going.

Tracking TwentyOne's curves

To make it easier to follow progress in a dog featured here, I am adding a kind of tracking list, which merely links to other charts for the same dog.

  1. TwentyOne 1

TwentyOne has only one page here at the moment.

TwentyOne, 2 June 2009
List of Readings

TwentyOne's data table from Open Office Calc

[cx10101cd-d21cdata3.jpg] TwentyOne's data table, 2 June 2009

Original readings here are in mg/dL

We use a formula to let the Open Office Calc program convert readings from the U.S. standard measurement for blood glucose levels, which is expressed in mg/dL (milligrams per deciLiter) to the standard measurement used in most of the rest of the world, mmol/L (millimoles per liter).

To make the conversion, I divided the mg/dL readings by 18.02. Some people don't bother with the two-one-hundredths, and just use the figure of 18 to make the conversion.

Barbara reports that TwentyOne is settling in very nicely. As I write this, he hasn't been very long in his new home!

Wishing Barbara and TwentyOne all the best, and the same for Buttercup! And, as always, my thanks to Barbara for permission to use TwentyOne's data. This is good for my education, as well as for Barbara's.

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