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I Am Right On Time

I Am In Suspension

I am a Pendulum

When I am In The Mood

A few silly humans have called me a swinger. Maybe they're too young to have heard of pendulums.

Vekkie Swings

Vekkie In Suspenders
She Mixes Insulin Well.
When it's done, she dismounts.
Photo by Almali

My Grandfather's Clock

My grandfather's clock was too tall for the shelf, so it stood ninety years on the floor. My father inherited it, but the pendulum annoyed him, so he gave it to me. I fixed it so I can remove the pendulum and substitute for it for a time.

It's such a handy way to mix insulin; just ideal. I love swinging on the clock.

Mummmy! Eat Fast!

In case you're wondering about the clock's remark about eating fast, that remark came from Annie's Dusty, of Dusty's Designs

Annie had inquired about just how much leeway she had when going out on a dinner date, to make sure Dusty got her insulin shot at a reasonable time. In general, replies given suggested that Annie should enjoy her dinner. They said Dusty would be fine for an extra hour or so.

They were right, of course. However, it turns out that Annie returned home in time to shoot Dusty at the time shown on the clock face here. The more I swing on the clock, the more the time stays the same. If you watch the second hand, you can see why.

Dusty's scheduled time was about seven p.m., so Annie was really very close to being right on time. She said, though, "I never ate so fast in my life!"

If my motion makes you seasick, you can click on the picture to return to my resting state while I'm being the clock's pendulum.

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