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I am VekToria TwinkelMaus

VekToriAna for short

My friends call me Vekkie

VekToria TwinkelMaus

VekToria TwinkelMaus
Vekkie poses for a photo

Photo by Almali

Hello, Out There!

Friends in Diabetes-Land!

I guess you can see my name, so I don't need to repeat it. I specialize in learning about diabetes, because my dear buddy, Canine Kumbi, has it.

Learning is so much fun! And I've learned enough so I can teach a little, too.

I am VERY playful, so I will be playing a lot. My Spider Buddy Carlotta taught me a little about web-weaving, and I will be doing all kinds of things, sometimes rather unpredictably, because Mum Carol said, I may play as much as I like on Coherent Dog

You will never know what to expect on my pages here. That's because I won't know, either.

My origins

My sire is Vector, and my dam is Drawing. I am entirely of Vector Drawing, though sometimes I pull some Raster in to enhance my photos. Raster is made of pixels - dots of color. Vector is made of mathematical formulas. Luckily, you don't have to know or practice any math to use the formulas.

My maternal grandparents are Paint and Shop, and my paternal ones are Pro and Nine.

Thank you for visiting me here! Expect changes, any old time!

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