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Patient's Hat

Hat for Kumbi

Vekkie gave Kumbi a Patient's Hat

Originally posted Wednesday, 05 May 2010; 18:49

Tidberries on Kumbi's Patient's Hat

Kumbi's Patient's Hat

[cw31104op-kupathat01.jpg] Kumbi's Patient's Hat

Kumbi admired Vekkie's Patience Hat

When Kumbi saw Vekkie's Patience Hat, he kept admiring it. He really LOVED it! He was too polite to ask Vekkie to give him her Patience Hat, so he said nothing, but he kept looking, looking, largely with his nose, since he is almost totally blind. And he listened to Vekkie's Patience Hat, too, because its denizens often have something very quiet to say - but Kumbi's hearing is very good.

Vekkie noticed how much Kumbi liked her Hat, so, quietly, while Kumbi was sleeping, last night, she stayed up most of the night, and she made Kumbi a Patient's Hat - almost exactly like her own Patience Hat.

Vekkie said, Kumbi doesn't need a Patience Hat, because he is always VERY patient. But he certainly could use a Patient's Hat - a hat to celebrate the EXCELLENCE of his patience.

With great ceremony, then, this morning, Cinco de Mayo, 2010, Vekkie adorned Kumbi with his very own Patient's Hat.

Kumbi loves his Hat! He barely took it off to eat, but found the veil got in the way a bit, so finally, he did take it off to eat, and then promptly put it back on again.

Kumbi says he'll take it off to sleep, because he doesn't want to crush it by mistake.

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More to come.

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