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Kwali Corazon Houdini Porcupine Twinkletoes

11 April 1995 - 3 November 2009

Originally posted Saturday, 07 November 2009; 20:48:04

Kwali Kiss Kumbi

[c101550cop-kwksku15.jpg] Kiss? Yes. And talk.

Kwali: Remember Me

Kwali's Request - Remember Me

[cz3op-didoclp11.jpg] Remember Me

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Kwali - you are a ground-bassed creature, all right; I'm sure even in your flight to Rainbow Bridge, you are digging, digging, perhaps sampling the mud and clay, too, as you so often did out in the yard.

How apt that you would choose Dido's magnificent "Remember Me" as a theme for us! We remember you as ground-bassed; yes, we do! And I love that particuler music - that song - for its musical beauty. As I loved you for all your beauties - so many of them!

Oh, dear Kwali; we will always remember you, as long as we live.

Kwali - We Remember You

You joined us when you were seventeen and a half months old, on 4 September, 1996. How deeply we thank you for coming along to be part of our family.

You weren't all that happy when you came, though your name had been Happy! We changed your name to suit you.

And you learned your new name. First, it was Kwali Corazon Twinkletoes. Corazon, after your Predecessor, Corazon Twinkletoes. Twinkletoes, as our family name for female dogs

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It wasn't long before you added Houdini to your name.

Surely you remember that! You scaled a six-foot fence, and dropped eight feet to the ground, to come join us on a walk, after we thought we'd left you securely fenced in!

You seemed not to realize I was coming back to get you, shortly, to take YOU for YOUR walk!

Since you had joined us, what could we do but welcome your presence? So we continued the walk.

And after we got home, I jerry-rigged better fencing!

After all, in the home you had before, you had spent more time away from home than at home, traveling considerable distances, visiting the tourists. I'm told you used to solicit handouts. I'm sure you were very successful!

If one wonders why you didn't get fat, well, you surely worked off those calories, running along the highways. I am so glad that though you were twice thrown from moving cars, you survived, and then finally became part of Our Family. You had suffered road-burn, but not a lot else - physically, anyway.


Bark! Yes. Bark, bark! Not only leap on front feet, as we get ready for a walk, but also, what some people call yap-yap. Me, I call it bark-bark, largely because we allow excitement as we leave for a walk.

You specialized in gourmet selection of bark from various alder logs and branches and twigs. The best bark was that with some moss or lichen on it.

You were always a chewer of woods, and you chewed pretty well, so never got punctures from your chewing escapades.

Porcupines chew wood, so you earned the name Porcupine.

Sailing off branches

Then there was the time, in the park, you picked up the scent of cougar. You climbed a tree where perhaps the cougar had gone before, and went out on a branch about six feet above the ground. You went another six feet along that branch.

When I tried to coax you to jump into my arms, you jumped, all right, but instead of jumping into my arms, you sailed out on a journey of at least twelve feet, and hit the ground trotting.

My heart was in my mouth. How COULD you have done that without breaking a leg! I had no idea - but I saw no sign of injury, nor even soreness, as we traveled the mile home, nor in the following days, either.

More memories to come as time permits

We will be adding more memories here.

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