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Poncho for Kumbi

Design Effort One

Originally posted Sunday, 22 November 2009; 13:05:10

Poncho design for Kumbi

[c104104ccdop-kuctvc48.jpg] First effort at poncho design for Kumbi

Kumbi needs a raincoat that fits!

Kumbi has a fairly good raincoat, of good design. Only trouble is, it doesn't FIT! Where it should have some neck-area, instead, the hood lies on Kumbi's neck. Also, it's so old the cloth is deteriorating.

So I've drawn over a picture of Kumbi, showing how I think a poncho could be made. In the drawing, I added to his current raincoat-poncho, putting in a neck separately. And as long as I'm going to do that, well, I might as well make the hood detachable. It could fasten to the neck with Velcro, I think.

Or maybe it should be, as much as possible, all one piece, to help keep it more waterproof

The hood can cover Kumbi's ears; he will cope as need be; I don't want to cut ear-holes in the hood. Kwali always coped just fine with a hood over her ears, and I expect Kumbi can do the same. He'd prefer not to let Kwali do something a lot better than he does, even if she is At The Bridge.

The back corners of this poncho are shown as square for the moment, but I expect to round them off, as they're shown in the picture of the old coat, below.

I'll be adding more details to the description

Among the details I plan to add are, the approximate measurements for each of the coat-parts shown in the pioture above.

You'll see a little black line along the top, near where the leash is attached. That is a slit in the coat, to permit the ring of Kumbi's harness to come through. I could add a bit of a flap to help keep rain out of that slit.

The light-green parts are - elastics to go around the rear legs, a cloth belt to fasten with velcro, and, of course, the added neck part. The darker green parts are where I envision using Velcro.

The belt will go UNDER the surface of the poncho, not on top. That's to allow rain to stream off the poncho, and also, to allow freer motion in Kumbi's agile legs!

Kumbi's current poncho is some 25 years old

Kumbi's current poncho

[c104045ccdop-kurain11.jpg] Kumbi's current poncho

You can see how this poncho has the hood lying on Kumbi's neck. Fat lot of good THAT does to protect his head!

If the hood fit properly, Kumbi would go along perfectly happily, and stay reasonably dry

The first picture on this page shows how I BELIEVE a coat (poncho) could be made. I'm open to suggestions for improvements.

You can reach me by email by clicking on my name in the footer on this page. Please send in PLAIN TEXT! Thank you!

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