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Winter Coats for Snow

Coats from Innsbruck Jacket

cobbled together

Kwali and Kumbi in winter coats

[c30893z-kwkucoats106.jpg] Kwali and Kumbi
enjoy a walk in snow
if they have their coats on

I am not a coat-maker!

It took me months to come up with these winter coats for Kwali and Kumbi. But they really needed the coats. So I got up my courage, and cut up the lovely Innsbruck jacket from Austria, given to us from a great distance by a very dear friend who didn't know my size. Lucky for us! The jacket was very much too big for me, which meant, there was enough of it to make coats for both dogs.

Sometimes I wish I could sew

If I could sew, surely I'd have done better with these coats. But at least they work! The dogs can and do walk in them, trotting along.

The coats protect nicely against light rain, as well as against cold.

Both Kwali and Kumbi stand patiently while I strap the coats on. Kwali's strap is blue Velcro, and Kumbi's is plain red, just with a buckle and a ring tied into it.

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