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Sunday, 4 December, 2005, 14:20

I've revived the original CoDog Hilarious Error pages!

On the night of May 14-15, 2005, with a heavy heart, I took down the Hilarious Error pages. I've always loved visual jokes and novelties, but I was afraid of not having enough web space for the masses of articles and photos I want to put up.

Oh, joy; I now have more web space, so I'm bringing back the Hilarious Errors, for two reasons, really. The first is that I get such a charge out of looking at the strange combinations of ways things can fall on a web page. The second is that I know I'm not the only very-novice web-maker who has difficulty making columns behave properly on a web page.

My reluctance to use positioning

I picked up the idea of liquid, or fluid layouts from MisterBob of the WebDeveloper Forums. He was playing with that at the time. The idea of allowing people to resize their browser wnidows and still seeing the page quite well appealed to me.

In discussion on the forums, I found leads to many sources for fluid or liquid layouts, and also, plenty of information on positioning - absolute positioning, relative positioning, fixed positioning.

But the source I used most suggested one shouldn't need to use positioning at all to achieve a liquid layout, and in my Terrier-mood, I managed to survive long enough to resist the temptation to solve a layout problem using positioning, when it was theoretically possible to solve the problem without positioning.

Trying to make something work by patching it up has, in my limited computer-experience, only caused more problems, probably largely through a failure to be consistent. So, leaning heavily on the help I was given, I went ahead, and finally succeeded in getting the columns to behave as I thought they should.

I'm still not absolutely sure what the deciding factor that brought me success was, but I believe it was in the calculations - in the amount of space on the page - I allowed each column to use.

You can follow my efforts by browsing through these Hilarious Error pages. I hope you get as much visual nonsense-joy out of them as I do!

For more leads for the novice WebWeaver, you can return at will to WebWeave.

Possible confusion as you browse
The Hilarious Errors

Contrary to normal practice, as I worked with mock-up web pages, I included much actual content from Coherent Dog, instead of using the fake-Latin passages Real WebWeavers use. So it's easy to get lost and believe you are in the current pages, or the "sane," or real, part of Coherent Dog. But I go buggy-eyed looking at the Lorem Ipsum stuff, so I went ahead with using what I had at hand. As a result, I seem to have preserved some past versions of Coherent Dog, though the material is very incomplete, some of it has since been greatly revised.

But I wouldn't want you to get too lost, so I've used a distinctive masthead on these Maze of Hllarious Errors pages, and you can always get back to the sane(r) part of Coherent Dog by choosing the masthead - click on it, for instance.

Since most of the pages are long, I also changed the appearance of the strip of stars that crosses the pages near the bottom, just above the copyright notice. That strip too should allow you to see you are in the Maze, rather than viewing the regular, oh, so sober (yeah, right), part of Coherent Dog.

So, Remember - You Can Escape the Maze

To escape the maze, click on the masthead.

Meantime, Bon Voyage with the Hilarious Errors, and once again, great thanks to the people who helped me so much.

If at any time you start feeling lost in the forest, and you haven't gone too far, you can use your Back Button to Go Back where you came from. I've also provided one link in the vertical navigation down the right sides of the pages to let you return to CoDog Proper. So, on with CoDog Improper.

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