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Alanda Carver

for Regional Director, JDF

Originally posted Sunday, 16 October 2011; 16:01:32

Camellia as Alder Log

[c107321zp-cam10oct04.jpg] Camellia as Alder Log

We support Alanda Carver for Regional Director

Camellia says, "Oh, Alanda Carver, thank you so much for taking this on! I want you to hear me, and I want our area to be well-served! "

Waving her glorious tail, Camellia adds: "Election day is on Kumbi's birthday!"

And I, Carol, add, "How very appropriate! You can bet I will be voting for Alanda Carver."

This is the text of her release, dated 14 October 2011. Copyright 2011 by Alanda Carver. Used with permission.

Slightly edited for the web; original wording retained.

Alanda Carver Enters Race for Juan De Fuca Regional Director

Alanda Carver has declared herself a candidate for the position of Regional Director in the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area and will contest the November 19 election with incumbent Mike Hicks.

Carver, who has resided in Otter Point west of Sooke for the last 25 years, is known locally for her volunteer work and leadership of the Muir Creek Protection Society. She handles the Sooke to Port Renfrew mail run for Canada Post and is a busy yoga teacher in the area working with teens, adults and seniors.

"Although I am new to politics, I have a long history of working with the local community," she said at an Oct. 12 campaign launch at the Shirley Community Hall near her Muir Creek home. "The change I represent is this: I will work hard for community rather than special interests. I am moderate, accessible, fair-minded and inclusive. I help people create the kind of communities that work for them. I believe each local community has a right to self-determination and that all of its members deserve to be heard and respected."

The launch was attended by some of the local entrepreneurs who support her candidacy – Barefoot Farm’s Amy Rubidge, woodworker Greg Innes, aromatherapist/spa operator Christine Hopkins and yoga studio owner Paula Kelene.

Carver strongly believes in the continued value of the Juan De Fuca Economic Development Commission as a means of seeding and supporting sustainable, environmentally sound business in the region.

Added Carver: "For years I have watched the pro- and anti-development forces co-opt our political process, fighting back and forth among themselves. Lost within this battle is the voice of the community. The people of the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area deserve to be represented by someone who can act in their best interest without bias. I strengthen local dialogue, support local business, cherish local agriculture and work to protect local areas that are environmentally significant."

Carver is dedicated to being objective with respect to zoning issues, considering all available information and ensuring all sides of the issue are heard. She intends to be fully mindful of the Local Government Act, various Official Community Plans in the region and local covenants.

Carver is a member of the Otter Point Strategic Vision Committee and was a founding member and first treasurer of the local residents and ratepayers association. She is perhaps best known as founding president of the Muir Creek Protection Society, which has campaigned since 2005 to save this salmon-bearing, old-growth watershed.

The Juan De Fuca Electoral District is the largest geographic slice of the Capital Regional District with voters in the communities of Port Renfrew, Jordan River, Shirley, Otter Point, East Sooke, Malahat and Willis Point.

For further information: Alanda Carver at (phone) 250.642.0948; (email)

Alanda Carver's campaign web site

We just took a look at Alanda Carver's campaign web site

Somebody has done a very nice job with it. You'll find a schedule of events, various other notices, and a campaign brochure that you can download.

We wish Alanda Carver the very best, and very much hope she will be elected.

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